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A Bit of Inconvenience: May 13, 2024

Updated: May 18

Sigma FP + ZEISS Biogon 2/35 ZM
Sigma FP + ZEISS Biogon 2/35 ZM

A Bit of Inconvenience

A few nights ago I was faced with a bit of inconvenience.

I met with 2 good friends and after our initial catchup and some food, we decided to go for a walk to digest our feast.

Only a few minutes into the walk, things started shifting.

It began raining, and I never shoot when it rains. Secondly, I had my Sigma FP, a camera I have only used in a rig for filming. In its bare-bones configuration, it's not a "comfortable" camera to use. It lacks a real grip, a flip screen, even an EVF.

Regardless, I stuck with it. I managed to take a few images that night and when I finally looked at them, I was happy to find some I liked.

The inconvenience paid off.

In the frame dvelja_

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