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Parker River | Zeiss Milvus | Sony FS7

The Zeiss Milvus lineup just exudes excellence. They are extremely well built and exhibit a level of craftsmanship that left a positive impression on me.

The lenses are heavy, especially when I compare them to the Zeiss Loxia or Zeiss Batis lenses. The manual focus experience is exquisite and they have less focus breathing than expected from a “photography” lens.

The Canon version of the Milvus requires a “smart” adapter to work the aperture of the lens and this is where a high-quality adapter makes a difference.

I loved the lenses and wouldn’t hesitate to use them for any sort of work.

I choose to edit this black and white to see how well the Milvus exhibit micro-contrast. I am very happy with the results, thank you @zeisscameralensesamericas


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