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Zeiss 90mm f2.8 Sonnar T* Review

This is a simple review of a lens I’ve thought about adapting to my Sony A7RIII for a very long time. Phillip Reeves has an excellent article on this lens which I recommend you read if you’re interested When most people talk about adapting this lens to a modern camera, they tend to mention the difficulty of focusing and mounting it. This is due to the lack of focusing on the barrel on the lens. Focusing on the Sonnar 90mm was done through the autofocusing system from the Contax G1 and G2 cameras. There are autofocus adapters for Sony but they are designed to work with the A7II and A7RII cameras. In my case after some searching online, I picked up a simple adapter from Haoge. I lined up the dots and installed them on the Sony A7RIII body. I honestly do not mind the focusing experience. Please note that I’m a slow shooter and have been using manual lenses from Zeiss like the Loxias for a while. I have enabled “focus peaking” on my camera and it’s been a breeze. Also, I find that manual focus helps me slow down and be more intentional with my images.

Zeiss Sonnar 90mm @f2.8

Zeiss Sonnar 90mm @f5.6

Zeiss Sonnar 90mm @f2.8

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