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I am a creative producer based in Sydney, Australia, who began my journey in photography and filmmaking at the end of 2019. Since then, I have been working on various personal projects and films.  Various international festivals and awards have recognized my work. Some of my notable achievements include:


Being nominated for the 2022 Fine Art Photo Awards and winning the 2022 IFA Gold Award


Collaborating with ZEISS Camera Lenses and participating in the ZEISS Career Campaign and the 175th Year ZEISS GALA Exhibition


Exhibiting at the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts and participating in festivals such as the Visions of Success Film Festival, IGen Film Festival, and Noble International Film Festival and Awards, among others.


Being featured in Landscape Photography Magazine, and receiving honorable mentions in the Monochrome Awards, ND Awards, and ND Awards for my work in landscapes, night photography, and architecture respectively


Participating in various film festivals such as The Lift-Off Sessions Film Festival, First-Time Filmmaker Sessions, Festival Internacional de Cine Austral, The Cecil County Independent Film Festival, NAFCo Film Festival, and Retrospective of Jupiter Film Festival.


My passion for creative works started at a young age and I am always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of my craft.

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