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The Creative Power of Boredom: Embracing the Spark Within

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

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Do you remember moments in your childhood when your boredom led to creativity? When I was a kid I don’t remember ever being bored for too long. My mind was constantly racing trying to create something or to find ways to express my imagination.

One clear example that comes to mind happened frequently on our car rides. I remember imagining an animation that resembled Ryu from Ninja Gaiden who ran next to our car.

This ninja could jump on buildings, jump from one car to another, jump on trees, and even warp from one place to another.

It kept my imagination active and it was a way for me to find creativity when in reality I had nothing to do on car rides. As I got older and I had more choices to fill my day with different forms of entertainment, the need to replace boredom with creativity faded away.

At the hint of any sort of downtime, I was able to pick up my phone and consume media in one form or another. Over time, I forgot how useful boredom was for prompting creativity.

Boredom is often perceived as unproductive or a waste of time. We love to fill our time to the very brim with countless agendas and a lot of time even with just a sense of busyness that isn’t there. As long as our mind is preoccupied with something, boredom doesn’t have a chance to creep in.


So what awaits if I allow myself the space to become bored?

I have found that my mind begins to wander and daydream. Ideas that may seem irrelevant or incomplete start to make their way into my consciousness. Slowly, with the space that boredom affords, the first step of the development of a new idea begins to form and aids my creative process.

I find that I have new answers to creative blocks and find myself considering new approaches. The type of daydreaming and mind-wandering that stems from boredom allows for an inward exploration, which allows me the opportunity to identify.

Boredom breaks the routine. It asks, what now? If you can’t entertain your mind with something else what are you going to do?

In these pockets of boredom, I found myself jotting down questions, thoughts and reflections. It afforded me the space to think of things I wanted to try. For example, I’ve been thinking of fencing and starting up boxing again.

Breaking free from the routine can help to open up channels of creativity and discover new approaches and opinions.

In a way, boredom has cultivated a sense of curiosity about the unknown or the forgotten.

If I can share one important aspect of this concept is that it requires a present mindset and being open to embracing mindfulness to tap into the creative potential within boredom. It may also be beneficial to go back to more tactile forms of capturing ideas. A notepad and pen are powerful tools here, as they can be used for things like doodling, writing, and sketching and don’t lead you to any other distractions.

Embracing the creative power of boredom can be a transformative journey. Boredom, often seen as unproductive or a waste of time, holds within it the potential to spark our imaginations, fuel our curiosity, and break the chains of routine.

Boredom provides the canvas upon which we can reflect, delve deeper into our thoughts and emotions, and explore our desires. It prompts us to step out of our comfort zones, seek new experiences, and experiment with unconventional approaches. In these moments of mental restlessness, we find the fertile ground for creativity to flourish.

Embracing solitude and practising mindfulness become vital in harnessing the creative potential within boredom. By being present at the moment, we can tap into our inner depths and discover hidden inspirations. Solitude becomes a companion, offering the space for introspection and self-reflection, allowing us to refine our creativity

By cultivating a healthy relationship with boredom, we unlock the door to our inner spark, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries, inventions, and artistic creations. So, let us embark on this journey with open minds, ready to welcome boredom as a powerful ally in our pursuit of creativity.

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Andrew Braithwaite
Andrew Braithwaite
Jul 14, 2023

Totally agree Manny. I had it recently described to me, that your brain patterns are like a group of ants. Always on the go and working towards some goal.

But, like ants, your brain sometimes drop little bits along the way.

When you are doing nothing it gives those ants an opportunity to go back slowly, subconsciously, over those parts. Find bits that were lost. Make new connections. And make new interesting ideas.

It's important. And we all should try doing nothing (truly nothing) more.


Jefferson Lopez
Jefferson Lopez
Jul 07, 2023

I'm a serial daydreamer. Being able to conceptualise before even lifting a finger is a such a fun way to be creative. Love this post EH!

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